怪獣をテーマとしたアート作品を公募、選出、展示した東日本大震災のチャリティアートイベント「モンスター展」の展示デザイン。躯体を段ボールのリブ構造とし、その上に数千の折り紙三角錐を繋げたスキンを被せ展示台としている。2体1対が渦をなし、当たり前と思っていた事象の不確かさ、震災時の不安や混乱を表現。ボランティアで多くの方々に制作していただいた折り紙に祈りを込める。 -
Display design of art work selected from open application for MONSTER Exhibition, which is a charity art event of the Great East Japan Earthquake. The platform is made of corrugated cardboard as base structure and covered with paper skin made of innumerable tetrahedrons, as if to be covered in scales. Two structures, a male and female, were placed in the center of exhibition space to surround a whirlpool that portrays uncertainty, insecurity and disorder towards disaster. Handcraft paper folding, which was contributed by many volunteers, shall add to the prayer for peace.
Main Use: Exhibition Space
Total Floor Area: 130㎡
Location: Tokyo

photo_Koichi Torimura

hannat architects
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